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5 things to check before renting a house

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Renting House | 5 very important things to consider:


Are you or your friends looking to rent an apartment? is the right place to post your needs and find a place to make your home. But how responsible would we be if we didn’t give you a renter’s checklist? Here are 5 important questions you should get answered before you sign the rental agreement:

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1. What counts as maintenance? Is that included in your rent? What other utilities will you have to pay for? These are important questions because it can cause a serious dent in your monthly budget. Find out if corporation taxes, water, repairs etc are all covered by the landlord, lest you get a few surprises after moving in. Also ensure you speak to your prospective neighbors to find out if there is a water shortage or frequent electricity outages.

2. Is a parking facility available? Is it included in the rent? If not, how much extra will you have to pay? Have these spaces been marked for each tenant?

3. Will the place be painted, locks secured and installations checked before you move in?

4. Do you have pets? You must know that there is no law that bans you from having pets in an apartment or housing society, as long as it doesn’t cause nuisance to others. But it would be good to check their attitude towards pets in case they insist you vacate or abandon your pets, which would amount to harassment. But the law is on your side here.

5. The period of lease or contract and what is the subsequent increase in rent you can expect. Check if all the details of the owner provided are right and what the procedure is for vacating the house.

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